Don't Let The Smell Kill Your Sale....

It's over simplistic really. The fact that a home's visual and aromatic appeal have such a huge impact on a potential home buyer's impression should go without saying.  That doesn't change the fact that every day litter boxes (or a wet dog bed), the residual sniff of last night's sea bass, Uncle Mike's cigar or a hideous diaper pail will chase buyers out of a home faster than Usain Bolt. Yes...your home must pass the sniff test. But not YOUR sniff test. You need an outside opinion....an impartial nasal sample that can honestly tell you if your home has the funk. Any of the above smells can ruin a showing for a buyer not to mention countless other things so you have to get this right. I once went in a home where there was a sign in the new born's room that with little hearts on it that said 'sorry, baby Jonah is gassy today.'  It may be cute when it's your kid but it's just gross if it's somebody else's.  It seems silly that we need to have this conversation but of ten homes I go in each week, two have some form of odor that I wouldn't subject anyone to. Sometimes they're smells that I can't even identify are but are still highly objectionable. When that happens...your mind finds the worst possibility. In the season where our furnaces and ACs are not running all that often, make sure your home greets your buyers with a welcoming, pleasurable sensation that will help them imagine themselves there for years to come. 
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Tips For Fall Home Selling....From WTHR

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Fall Open Houses....Yay or Nay?

The debate always rages.....to hold your home open or not once the calendar slides past Labor Day. The formula is certainly a different one. People are busier. School's back in session and with that come a thousand other responsibilities. There are a bevy of festivals that happen at this time of year and dragging a casual house hunter away from that pumpkin patch or winery can be challenging (not that I would have any idea on the winery). If you choose to hold your property open as the weather cools keep some perspective. The traffic will be down but the quality of the traffic will be better and the same can be said for showings. Always remember you're not looking for a flood of buyers you just want the RIGHT buyer. While it's difficult to battle the Fall distractions to get them to come see you, for those that do you can count on a higher level of attention. They're not marching through homes on an October or late September afternoon if they aren't serious. There are just too many reasons to be someplace else. 
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September...And It's Time For The Talk

It's after Labor Day and that means like having 'the chat' with your (insert age here) year old about 'you know what', it's time for us to do the same. 

Summer has come and gone and in our area and that changes the game. We've had a very odd market this year in central Indiana.  Gang busters in April and for some market segments in May. Several price points were even very active past the July 4 holiday. Some, on the other hand, died a quick death the minute the calendar turned June.  Since that time a LOT of prospective buyers have marched around in circles and felt no urgency to make decisions since none of the homes they liked disappeared (read sold).  They kept thinking there would be more inventory, prices would change, blah blah blah. In any event...they didn't buy.

So here we are in September. It would be easy for me, much like the violinist on the Titanic, to tell you stay calm, all is well. If you want, if you MUST sell your home, you have some difficult decisions to make. It's this simple. If there were 100 potential buyers for your home in June/July/August, now there are 70. VERY soon there will be 45 and then by Thanksgiving there will be 20. With apologies to Rod Argent and the Zombies it truly is 'the time of the season.'  Hey....you're reading it from a former DJ and you get musical parallels.

So what to do?  Again...it's very simple. It's ALWAYS about price. I understand your hopes, dreams, beliefs, expectations et all were different from where things are today and I hate that for you. But it does me no good to lie about it. As I have said many times the price of housing truly is a 10th grade economics class. When the price (supply) meets the acceptable demand (what a buyer is willing to pay) your home sells. Given the time of year, your buyer pool (meaning demand) is going down. It will not be greater in October than where it is today. It will not be better in November than it is today. Price....Price....Price. Put all of the things you had hoped for in June out of your head.  Improve your price (from the buyer's view) and get it done. All you have to look forward to is paying for it as the temperatures fall and you're more ready than ever to be finished.
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